New Venture in the Water & Air

We have come up with two new ventures for the adventure savvy people. These program we have designed after listening to the lots of enquiry through our website. Bhramanti will be a single gateway for the adventure savvy people to satisfy their lust for adventure in the Ground, Water & Air. So join us, we will help you to accomplish the task which you are thinking to accomplish. It's Great, It's Fun, We'll make solid courageous base for the youngster & finally the young India. While doing all these activity, we'll not comprmise any damage to the Nature, morever we'll lit up the light towards Nature Conservation among the participants.

So Join us! Enjoy the way we enjoy!

Water Sports Air Sports

Water Sports


Boat Type - The Seabird Class is a One-design Class, a gaff rigged sailboat, which was designed in 1926 for sailing in Mumbai harbour. The Seabird was designed primarily as a family cruising and class racing boat, designed for harbour and extended coastal cruising. The boat is used for cruising with a crew of 4/5 and races with a crew of 3. The Seabird makes an ideal training boat. Duration -

Module I - 3 weekend course involving training on Saturday and Sunday.

Module II - 4 consecutive Sunday course involving training only on Sunday.

Course strength - class of 4 to 8 trainees per group.

The basic sailing course is designed to teach a beginner, with no previous sailing experience, to acquire the skills to handle a sailing boat proficiently and safely. A total of 4 hours of theory and instruction and 12 hours of practical training are aimed to make the trainee comfortable with the fundamentals of sailing and seamanship and give them the confidence to safely skipper a similar boat in light and moderate wind and sea conditions.

Air Sports


Fly like a bird - we provide you the wings and the training

Paragliding is the newest and simplest form of flying so much that it could be described as pocket - sized aviation. It is a sport for all seasons, for men and women of all ages. All you need is a paraglider ( fits in your rucksack), a mountain slope and a small place for landing. The sport is self - regulating and no license is required. Paragliding is relatively safe and easy to learn, convenient to transport , simple to launch , fly and land. The paraglider is made of high stress rip - stop fabric and strong Kevlar lines. With a paragilder , you actually fly with the silence of a bird, soaring upwards on currents of air.Paraglider can stay aloft for hours, climb to several thousand feet's and go cross - country to vast distance. Modern and established training methods offer an easy and exciting opportunity for almost anyone to realise his / her dream of personal flight. It is comparatively inexpensive and relatively safe.Today it is one of the world's most popular outdoor pursuits.

  • Courses conducted by instructors with over 6 yrs. of experience.
  • Our unique winch based training eliminates hurdles faced while training on hills.
  • Training sites at Virar and Vasai - very near to Mumbai.
  • Early morning and late evening training schedule. Options of training on week ends.
  • We will provide Study Material, Theory and Show video during training.
  • Visit us for a demo and field trip to know us and get first hand experience.

1. ORIENTATION : Two days orientation course with four solo flights ( winch based ). Morning and evening session.

2. WINCH BASED: Three days course with eight flights . Morning and evening session.

3. HILL FLYING : Three days course with four flights . Evening session only.

4. BASIC COURSE : Six days course with fifteen flights ( winch as well as Hill flying ). For high hill flying at Kamshet will be arrange at extra cost ( Lodging & boarding , Transport )

Call us for enquiry at 9869007082(Rajan) or mail us at

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